25mm or 38mm badges? - how to choose which size button badges you need.


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Which size badges should I choose?

We make 2 different sizes of button badges. 25mm (1 inch) and bigger 38mm (1.5 inch) badges. If you aren't sure which size badges are suitable for your needs then read on!

Since January 2014 we are now using new improved industry leading components. Please see the image below.

25mm (1 inch) Badges:

The traditional 25mm badge is the most commonly used size in the UK. This is largely due to this size's popularity with bands. They are roughly the diameter of a ten pence piece. Please see the image below to see the size.

This size is great for a small logo, design or small amount of text. Due to the fact they are so cheap they are great for promotional giveaways!

Our 25mm badges are small traditional button badges which attach with a traditional metal 'D pin'. If you don't think your design will work well at this size you may prefer our bigger badges.

38mm (1.5 inch) Badges:

This size is great when you want a clearer (visible at a greater distance) design. Perfect for bigger text, a large amount of text, or a bigger or more detailed graphic or photo on your badges.

This size is particularly popular with schools and also businesses who are undertaking promotional activities and need their message to be clearer. This 38mm size is also a popular choice for stag and hen party organisers, birthdays and events.

As per the image below our bigger 38mm badges have a metal back and attach with a modern metal pin.


More about our badges

We make all our badges in our state of the art production facility in the UK. Rest assured when buying from us your badges will be made by us - here in the UK.

All the component parts used to make our badges are sourced in the USA. We do not use plastic 'backs' or components from the far east. The sources of the materials used are traceable.

If you are still unsure which size badges you need please email us and we will be happy to help!
Please note that all our badges obviously contain small components and are not suitable for children under 36 months.

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