Design Tips for Button Badges  

Please choose one of the design options below.

Follow the instructions carefully before sending us an

The first two options below require you to send us your finished design or suitable logo to produce your badges.  This means there are no additional design costs as you've done the work or provided a useable logo.  We can simply set up your design
(origination) ready to make your badges for no extra charge.

Option 1: To design your own badges click here.

This is the most common option with customers. Use your own software to create your own stunning (or simple!) badge design.  

This requires at least a basic understanding of graphic design.  Please click here to begin.

Option 2: Send us your existing logo or image:

Please email us a large version of your logo as either a jpg png, gif, pdf or bmp image file (under 1MB in size).  If your logo is not one of these file types please email us first to check that we can use it. We will resize your image to best fit our badges for free. Please remember to let us know which size badges you would like.
The background colour of the logo will be the background colour of the badges.  You can design your own badge (above) if you want a different colour background.  Please send your logo in RGB format.
If you do not know what format your logo is in and it has previously been used on a website the chances are the format will be fine (if it is large and does not look fuzzy on screen).  

We can always shrink a large logo down to size but we can't increase the size of your image without it losing quality.  Please send us a quick email if you are unsure and we will be happy to help!  When you are happy that your logo will work you can pay for your order via our 'Badge Prices' page. 

Option 3: Your image (or combination of a photo and text) on your badges, but you have no design skills please click here.

This option is good for birthday party badges, hen do and stag night badges, student election badges, or if you need a photo or image and text on your badges. It is best suited to our bigger 38mm badges.

We can place your provided image on your badges for no extra charge. There is an additional £10 design charge (per design) if you want us to add extra text to your image.
If you send us a finished design there is no extra charge.

Click here for (easy to understand) details of how to provide the information we need in the correct format and size.  If you have any sort of design skills we suggest you use our standard method and design your own badges using Option 1 above.

Option 4: The simple option for 'text only' badges

Tell us by email what text you want on your 25mm or 38mm badges. Please state the basic font name, the font colour and the basic background colour you would like (eg "hello mum" in comic sans font, blue text on a white background).  

It helps us if you give us a list of fonts as we may not have your first choice on file. We will best size the text to fit our badges. The text may need to be spread over several lines.  Please keep in mind our 25mm badges are roughly the diameter of a 10p piece. If you need a lot of text or would like large text on your badges we advise you to choose our 38mm badges. The more words the smaller your text will be!  

Please wait for us to confirm we can make your badges before paying if you are unsure.  If you need the text to curve around the edge of the front face of the badges we can usually do this for you if you let us know.  There is an additional £10 design charge for this 'text only' option (per design) on top of our usual prices. Alternatively use option 1 or 2 for no design charge.

Option 5: Let us find a suitable image for you from stock clipart:

Alternatively if you have an idea what you would like we have access to a wide range of stock clip-art style images.  We do not illustrate images 'from scratch' but can often find a simple image for you such as (for example) a birthday cake, frog, heart, etc. Please note that we will not source images that infringe anyones intellectual property rights.

There is an additional charge of £10 per image sourced using this option.

If you wish to combine this image we have sourced with some extra text (above / below or around the image) then this will cost a further £10 on top of the image cost and our usual prices.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us after reading our FAQs!

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