• "Promotional and personalised button badges"
  • "Made by us in the UK since 2009"


Q. Do you make all the badges yourself or do you outsource?

YES! - we NEVER outsource orders and make every badge here in our workshop in the UK.

Q. How many different designs can I have on my badges?

A. The number of different badge designs you can have depends on the amount of badges you order.
See our Badge Prices pages for details.
You can have uneven quantities of each design if you wish. Just let us know by email.
You can also pay a small charge for extra designs over the amount we include in the price if you need more designs than we allow. Email us for details.

Q. Which size button badges should I choose and what do they look like?

A. Visit our 25mm or 38mm badges? page. to help you choose which badges are suitable for you. There is an example of both sizes here.

Q. When will I get my badges?

A. It depends which Service you choose! The longer you give can give us the cheaper your badges will be.

Q. What will the final price be?

A. We have 4 different speed services which are priced differently. The prices on our Badge Prices pages show the final price you pay including delivery (using each of the 4 available services). There are no hidden costs and VAT is not applicable.

While we prefer you to send a finished design we can often help you (within reason!) for no extra charge.

Q. Can I order more than 3000 badges or a different smaller quantity?

A. If you are ordering under 1000 badges you must order one of the set quantities on our Badge Prices pages. For orders over 1000 badges please email us if you want to order a different quantity to one of our set amounts (e.g. 1500 or 2500 badges).
We often receive orders for larger quantities of badges. If you require a larger quantity than 3000 badges please send us an email. The further ahead your deadline is the more likely we are to be able to help. Please email with your deadline for pricing and availability.

Q. How do I order my badges?

A. You can get started by simply sending us an email with your requirements. You can also read our 'How to Order' guide.

Q. Where do you deliver to?

A. Our prices include delivery to mainland UK and Northern Ireland (and anywhere else the Royal Mail treats as mainland UK for delivery purposes). If you are unsure please email for advice.

We can also for an additional cost deliver to many european countries and Australia. If you'd like us to calculate the delivery cost to your country please send us an email.

Q. I don't have a PayPal account - can I still place an order?

A. Yes! you can securely pay by credit or debit card and do not need a PayPal account. The links on our Badge Prices page enable you to pay via either method instantly.

Alternatively you can pay by cheque or bank transfer (however this can slow the process down).
If you pay by cheque or bank transfer we can't begin to make your order until the payment has cleared.
Please make all cheques payable to: Promo Badges Ltd.

Please email us for our bank details if you wish to make a direct bank transfer. If your bank uses the 'Faster Payments' system to transfer funds then we may be able to confirm the order on the same day.

Q. Can I pay for my badges after I receive them?

A. Due to the bespoke nature of our badges we require payment in advance. We can usually provide a short credit period for schools / universities on receipt of an official purchase order. Please email us to discuss this.

Q. I need my badges sending to a different address - what should I do?

A. When you pay via our website we receive your delivery address. If you need the badges sending to a different address please email us straight after you have paid stating that you would like to use a different delivery address.

Q. What format can my design(s) be in?

A. Please read our Design Tips for format information. Our preferred format is JPEG (jpg) but we can usually also use a PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF or flattened PSD file as long as they are high enough quality and in the correct format.

Q. I'm stuck with my design, can you help?

A. See our Design Tips page for design advice. We can provide basic help so email us if you get stuck.

Q. I like my badges, can I order more without re-sending my designs?

A. Yes! repeat orders make up a large part of our custom. We keep your design on file, so simply pay for the quantity of badges you require (and email us with the name used for / date of your previous order) and we'll be happy to make a new batch for you.

If you last placed an order with us prior to January 2014 your design we'll need to resize your design slightly to work with our new components. This isn't a problem and there is no extra charge! Please note that while we try to get colour shades as accurate as possible on repeat orders there may be some changes over time.

Q. How much will postage cost and how will my order be dispatched?

A. There are no hidden extra postage costs. The prices on our Badge Prices pages are the price you pay for the service including delivery. How we dispatch your badges depends which Service you choose!

We always securely pack your badge order using padded packaging (not unpadded packets like many badge makers!). Repeat custom is important to us so we always go out of our way to impress! We believe the level of assistance we offer, speed of dispatch, and the quality of our badges and packaging make us the best value badge makers in the UK!

Q. Do you make different size or different shaped badges?

A. We currently just make the sizes stated on our website (25mm and 38mm round button badges).

Q. Do your badges always have a pin?

A. Yes. We do not offer different fittings (apart from our fridge magnets which are not worn).

Q. Will my badges look good?

A. We use quality traditional metal components manufactured in the USA (not cheap plastic parts from the far east like many other badge makers) on all our custom 25mm and 38mm badges.

We do not brand our badges in any way (i.e. we do not print our name or logo on the side or back of your badges like many companies).

The appearance of your design on the finished button badges depends on the quality of the design you send us. See our Design Tips page for more information.

Remember your images may look different on a high-resolution brightly lit screen to printed out. If we notice that something is clearly wrong with your design we'll get in touch so that you can correct it before we make the badges.

It makes our job easier and the dispatch of your badges quicker if you follow our Design Tips. We would prefer you to send us too big an image (that we can reduce in size) rather than too small an image.

We specialise in short-run orders and digitally print all orders using some of the latest printing technology. This enables us to make quantities of 20 badges upwards with a quick turnaround. With this in mind we aim to match colours as closely as possible if you follow our Design Tips, but please note that we do not provide exact colour shade matching. This is fine for all but the most colour-critical of logos or projects and enables the fast turnarounds we provide.

Q. My question hasn't been answered, can I contact you?

A. Yes! via the contact page. Our preferred method is via email.

Final notes about our badges

Please note - our 25mm badges are standard traditional button badges (widely known as pins). They attach using a standard metal 'D pin' and not a press stud. Our 38mm badges have a modern metal back and metal pin. There are examples here.

All our badges contain small (and sharp) components and are therefore definitely not suitable for children under 36 months (i.e. please use common sense!).