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Personalised button badges

(For when you need a bit of help with your badges).

If you'd prefer to design your own badges using one of our circle guides click here.

Here is a quick and simple step by step guide to sending us a suitable photo (or other image). This option is best suited to our bigger 38mm diameter button badges but depending on your design may work on the smaller 25mm badges.

We can also often print additional text on your badges depending on the sort of image you send (again for no extra charge).

When you have selected a suitable image using the guidance below please email it to us to check for you.

Picking a good image - for best results.

There are 5 main things to remember:

  • We ideally need a large background area around the part of the image you want to show up on your badges (see example below).
  • The image needs to be big on your screen.
  • The image needs to be high enough quality (so it should not look fuzzy on your screen at full size). If it looks bad on your screen it would look bad on badges!
  • Not too big a file size! Please don't send us images or photos bigger than 1MB.
  • Please remember that whatever the background colour of your image is, your badges will have the same colour background.

Large background area

The part of the photo or image you want to show on your badges must have a large background around it. This is because when badges are made part of the printed design wraps around the sides and back of the badges. If you do not give us enough background area all around the part of the image you want to use then we may not be able to use the image. Please see the full size example below:

Good example: Large background and clear image (high quality)

If you wanted the whole of the pig below on your badges you would need to send an image with lots of background area for us to wrap around the badges:

The correct amount of background and high quality

The picture above has more than enough background for us to wrap around the sides and back of the badges. The picture looks clear and sharp. We could make the badges below:

(not to scale)

Bad example: Not enough background and fuzzy (low quality)

Not enough background and low quality

The picture above does not have enough background for us to wrap around the back and sides of the badges. The image is also too low quality as it looks fuzzy on screen.

We would be unable to use this image because your badges would look like the example below:

(not to scale)

Think your image won't work?

Don't worry we may be able to add a border around your image (if you are set on using a particular image that doesn't have enough background). Just let us know by email if you'd like us to try.

Adding text to your image

Depending on the background colour and style of your photo or image we can usually add a small amount of text for you for no extra charge. This is best suited to the bigger 38mm badges but depending on what you want it may work at the 25mm size.

When you email your photo/image to us please let us know the text you would like. Please give us a list of a few basic fonts that you would like us to pick from. Please also pick a text colour that will contrast with your image.

For example you could say: I would like: "Big Pig" in either Verdana, Arial, or a similar font with black text.

When you have selected a suitable image please email it to us. Remember to let us know which size badges you require.

Who uses this method?

This simple personalised button badge option is great for your stag night or hen do. Perhaps you want everyone at a surprise birthday party to be wearing the same badge! This option is also great for getting basic student election badges made.

If you want to design your own more complex badge please click here.

When you have a suitable image please email it over for us to check. We will get back to you to confirm the image is of a useable size and quality and that you can now pay via our Badge Prices page.